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Graduate School Catalog of Studies

The University of Arkansas Catalog of Studies can be found at the Catalogs of Study for academic years prior to 2013-2014 are archived at

The University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, serves as the major center of liberal and professional education and as the primary land-grant campus in the state. It is Arkansas’ major source of theoretical and applied research and the provider of a wide range of public services to people throughout the state and nation. In serving its threefold mission of teaching, research, and public service, the University strives to be recognized for excellence and continues to expand and strengthen its nationally and regionally competitive programs while maintaining a high level of competence in all programs.

The University offers a broad spectrum of academic programs leading to baccalaureate, master’s, doctoral, and professional degrees in the arts, humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, and also in the professional areas of agricultural, food and life sciences; architecture; business; education; engineering; human environmental sciences; and law. Through its faculty and its student body, the campus seeks to have all of its programs regionally competitive and to offer nationally competitive programs in selected areas.

Arkansas offers 87 bachelor’s degrees in 78 fields of study. In addition, the University offers a wide range of graduate degrees, including the Master's, the Educational Specialist, the Doctor of Education, the Doctor of Philosophy, and two graduate certificate programs.

The University has statewide responsibility to provide research leadership in advancing the frontiers of knowledge. The research programs serve three purposes. First, as part of graduate instruction, research promotes students’ abilities to appreciate, implement, discover, and teach. Second, research programs serve as vital sources on the economic and social needs of Arkansas. Third, in selected areas, research on the Fayetteville campus serves a national and international scholarly community. The University is committed to a future that includes sustained growth in its research and scholarship.

The University provides technical and professional services to various groups and individuals in the state, helping to further Arkansas’ economic growth. The Fayetteville campus serves as a significant resource. It operates nationally respected high school and college-level correspondence programs; it assists other institutions in developing educational programs; it offers graduate programs, both cooperatively and singly, throughout the state; and it makes campus resources such as computing services and library resources available to other institutions.